IV Sedation

IV Sedation Dentistry

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IV Conscious Sedation is an effective technique for managing moderate to severe dental anxiety. While not as readily available in most dental offices, we believe it is a valuable tool for ensuring a patient’s complete relaxation during a procedure they would not ordinarily have had done due to extreme fear.

Prior to the procedure, drugs are administered intravenously. Drugs administered by IV are far more effective than those taken orally because the doctor can control exactly how much is administered directly into the blood stream.

During the procedure, monitoring devices are placed on the patient to monitor their heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, and breathing. The patient will be awake through the whole procedure, allowing the dentist to give them directions, which they will be able to follow. However, the medications administered during IV conscious sedation leave the patient with amnesia of the procedure. The patient will remember nothing about their experience!

In order to provide IV Conscious Sedation dentistry, specialized advanced training and certification by the state Board of Dental Examiners was required and completed.

Dr. Tabor talks sedation dentistry.

Benefits of IV sedation

IV sedation can reduce dental anxiety.

IV sedation can be administered, depending on your needs and the level of dental anxiety, so you can be physically numb but still aware of your surroundings or IV sedation can also help you simply sleep through your entire procedure.

When you wake up, you may not even remember anything about your IV sedation treatment.

IV sedation relaxes you such that you may experience no pain or anxiety from having your mouth open for extended periods of time.

We have professionals who administer the IV sedation and you are monitored throughout the process.

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