CEREC Crowns

CEREC Crowns for Same-Day Dentistry!

Tabor Dental Associates is your local CEREC office for single-visit tooth restorations. Why go to the dentist a second time if you don’t have to?

CEREC is a technology for restoring damaged teeth. This restoration can be completed in a single visit to the doctor’s office. It can make a tooth stronger and more aesthetically pleasing— all while keeping a natural look.

The restoration is metal-free, and the high-grade ceramic material is compatible with the natural tissue found in your mouth.

What’s a CEREC appointment like?

During your appointment, your dentist will discuss the details of the procedure and will answer any questions you may have.

Then your dentist will use a 3D imaging camera to photograph your tooth. With the use of CEREC’s proprietary software, your restoration will be designed according to your tooth’s appropriate form and function.

Then, CEREC will use diamond burs to create your restoration out of a piece of ceramic—while you’re still in the dental chair! The ceramic restoration is bonded to your tooth using state-of-the-art adhesive dentistry.

Why should I choose CEREC?

There are many advantages of using CEREC over traditional crown technology. Some of the advantages include:

  • Time: CEREC crowns are made during one visit, which saves you considerable time that you’d otherwise spend away from your work and family.
  • Comfort: With CEREC, there is no need for a temporary crown, which eliminates potential discomfort.
  • Aesthetics: The strong, tooth-colored ceramic materials of CEREC restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function to closely match the composition of your natural tooth structure.
  • Strength: Milled ceramic is stronger than the traditional method of layering and pressing ceramic. A stronger crown means your smile will stay beautiful for years!

CEREC material and technology can also be used for fillings. Because these fillings are made of ceramic, they are more durable than white composite fillings.

Ready to Talk CEREC?

We enjoy spending time with patients and getting to know you, but we also understand that sometimes one visit to a dentist is enough. With CEREC, it only takes one visit to solve your crown issue and still get the best-in-class service that sets us apart!

Call today to experience the difference CEREC can make in your dental care!