Dentist Gallatin, TN

If you live in the Gallatin area, come see our team at Tabor Dental Associates. We provide top-quality dentistry to patients all around this area.

Our practice is built on the philosophy that we use technology and high-quality dental training both to restore damaged teeth and to prevent dental disease before it arises. You can come to Tabor Dental Associates to repair your smile, replace your teeth, attend regular cleanings, or take advantage of our wide array of cosmetic services.

Our top priorities are to give you a healthy and vibrant smile as well as protecting the one you have now. Come to us for a customized treatment plan and professional, dedicated care.

General Dentistry

What is a general dentist? It’s the dental office that knows your needs because we have gotten to know you over time. We will help you toward your goals, keep your teeth clean, and spot any developing patterns in your dental health.

Visit Tabor Dental Associates for preventive cleanings, examinations, and precise diagnoses and services using high-tech equipment. Plus, some of our patients give us high praise by saying that we maintain a family-like atmosphere in the office!

We hope you’ll visit us again and again for your general dental needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry

One of our top priorities is to give our patients more happiness and self-confidence through a beautiful smile. We can make your teeth whiter, straighter, more even, and more dazzling in other ways.

If you want to cover up chips or discoloration, we can use dental veneers and bonding. We can straighten your teeth using orthodontics. We also offer white fillings and gum reshaping treatments, along with several other cosmetic services to give you a stunning smile!

Dental Implants

Whether you have a single broken or missing tooth or several missing teeth, we can offer dental implants to restore your smile. All the services you need for the process are provided here at Tabor Dental Associates.

We can place a metal tooth root (or several) through a minor surgery. We can then attach a new crown or appliance on top. You can get new teeth that look natural and work like your original teeth. It’s a joy to see our patients be able to chew and smile normally again!

Sedation Dentistry

If your teeth are extremely sensitive or you have a lot of dental anxiety, talk to Tabor Dental Associates! We can relieve your anxiety and make you very comfortable during any type of appointment. There’s no embarrassment because we’re trained to help you through your anxiety.

Using laughing gas, oral sedation, IV sedation, or even general anesthesia, we can help you relax during your appointment. We just want you to be as healthy as possible, and we can use sedation to get you the services you need.

Call Your Gallatin Dentist Today

Call Tabor Dental Associates for general, cosmetic, sedation, emergency, and other types of dentistry. We can set up an appointment for you today. Come be a part of our family for an hour, and we’ll change the way you see yourself in the mirror!